Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union is federally regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which is managed by NCUA, backs the savings of credit union members up to $250,000.00 per account*. Members have peace of mind knowing that their money is backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.

The NCUSIF is widely recognized as the best managed of all federal deposit insurance funds better than the programs that insure banks or savings and loans. While taxpayers paid billions to bail out savings and loans, not one taxpayer dollar has ever gone into the credit union insurance fund.


( Effective: 06/14/2012)

(All rates subject to expire/change at any time)

Primary Savings 0.05 APY
3 Month Time Deposit 0.20 APY
6 Month Time Deposit 0.25 APY
12 Month Time Deposit 0.30 APY
24 Month Time Deposit 0.40 APY
30 Month Time Deposit 0.45 APY
60 Month Time Deposit 0.55 APY
Easy Access Time Deposit (12 Mos)                                        0.25 APY
IRA Time Deposit 12 Month 0.30 APY
IRA Time Deposit  24 Month 0.40 APY
IRA Time Deposit 30 Month 0.45 APY
IRA Time Deposit 60 Month 0.55 APY
Money Market Rates

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Equal Housing Lender National Credit Union Administration