Eligible individuals applying for membership simply need to complete a membership application and show proof that: (1) they are either a union member belonging to one of the authorized organizations or (2) related to someone through either blood or marriage. The minimum deposit required to open this account is $5.00.

Membership offers a wide range of benefits: Competitive savings, checking, loan and credit card programs, along with many other services.

You may remain a lifetime member of Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union whether you retire, graduate, change jobs, or move. This is achieved by maintaining a minimum balance of $5.00 in your share account.


Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union membership is open to the following organizations:

  • Local #2,4 & 5 Bricklayers
  • Local #9 Plumbers & Pipe fitters
  • Local #24 Plumbers
  • Local #25 Sheet Metal
  • Local #27 Sheet Metal
  • Local #89 Insulators & Asbestos
  • Local #102 I.B.E.W.
  • Local #274 Pipe Fitters
  • Local #313 I.B.E.W.
  • Local #322 Plumbers & Pipe Fitters
  • Local #351 I.B.E.W.
  • Local #399 Iron Workers
  • Local #400 I.B.E.W.
  • Local #456 I.B.E.W.
  • Local #475 Pipe Fitters
  • Local #711 DC of Painters and Allied Trades
  • Local #700 A/C and Refrigeration unit only
  • Local #1331 Painters and Allied Trades
  • United Brothers of Carpenters of NJ
  • Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Philadelphia Area Council of  Carpenters
  • Family members of members from all the locals listed above

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