Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union VISA Debit Card

It’s not cash. It’s not a credit card. It’s not a check. It does all that an ATM card does and more. It’s the card that works like a check.

You can use the UBTFCU Debit Card to make purchases wherever they accept VISA. Pay for gasoline, groceries, apparel, dinner, mail orders, phone purchases, and more. No worries. When purchasing up to $1,000.00 of merchandise you could pay with “electronic” money instead of carrying around large sums of cash.

No more “I forgot my check book!” Use it at places where they don’t accept checks but they do accept VISA. All transactions are immediately debited from your checking or savings account, which is reflected in the monthly statement.

Convenience, security and ease of use


To report your visa debit card lost/stolen please call 800-472-3272.